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I’ll tell you, my oldest daughter is going to be a senior next year and I’m not ready for that.  Where does the time go?  I just want to sincerely thank you for sharing your daughter or son with us over the years that they’ve been a Harpursville Hornet.  Really, I mean it.  It is such a privilege to get to be a part of the lives of our students.  In a small district like ours, we get to know our kids really well, as a person, and not just another student.  They really do feel like our kids to us.  Another great part of working in schools is that we get to watch you, watch your kids be successful…and it’s awesome!  So, thank you for that over the years, too.  I know I am so proud of them and I know our entire team here at the school is, too.  I can only imagine how you feel.  Congratulations!
I was recently reflecting on this graduating class, and this group truly demonstrates the wonderful opportunities that are provided by our school to make sure that the unique needs of each student are met. We have students who took college classes, went to the New Visions program to specialize in their field of study with other top-tier students from across the region, and there were career and technical education students specializing in a trade and earning all kinds of credentials. You can see some of the different accomplishments with the different tassels, cords or sashes that students are wearing.  And if working hard in school isn’t enough, these students have family lives, jobs, sports, clubs, musical instruments, community service projects, church-life, you name it – these students embody some or all of these things.  No matter which path each of these young men and women have taken to get here, it led to this place and being a graduate of the Harpursville schools.
Let me give you a few statistics about our graduates. I think you’ll agree with me that they are impressive. There are 65 graduates in this class, and they have earned 11 local diplomas, 34 regents diplomas (three with honors), 19 advanced designation regents diplomas (three with mastery in science, three with honors and mastery in math, five with honors). Eighteen of the regents or advanced regents diplomas have a career and technical education endorsement, and 32 of the diplomas have the career development and occupational studies credential. So what does this mean?  It means our graduates are ready for whatever comes next.  They are ready to be productive citizens, for sure!
Our students planning to go to college are well-prepared for that, too: 34 of the graduates (more than 50%) have successfully completed at least one college class.  These students earned a total of 724 college credits. And listen to this: 21 students have more than one full-time semester of college (that’s over 15 credits under their belt), 12 have more than 25 credits, and nine are graduating with over 30 college credits. This means they already have sophomore standing in college and they’re just graduating from high school.
But there’s more: four students have 40 or more college credits and three have more than 50 credits. Three of our young women - Abby Kelley, Morgan Fleming, and Maryjane Kappauf - have 55 credits each; that’s almost two years of college completed.  Is that awesome or what?  I am so proud of our students and the opportunities that are offered by our school.
So, if history tells us anything about these young people, I’d say they are college or career ready.  What an impressive group! 
In addition to academics and equally as important, I know that these graduates are good and caring people.  These young people have shown that they are resilient and strong.  They have shown that they are able to take all that life throws at them in terms of adversity - this group has had their fair share - and they still persevered. Our graduates also know how to make sacrifices, they know how to make and honor commitments, and they are willing to serve others.  Speaking of which, I want to take a moment to recognize and applaud one of our graduates who is choosing to make the ultimate decision in service – he has enlisted in our nation’s military.  Caillou Olsen, let us honor you!
In summary, our graduates have become and will continue to be productive, compassionate and contributing members of our society.  This is the job of our school and we have accomplished our mission with the Class of 2019.
Students, as you begin your new journey, I’m sure you will ask yourself many questions, one of which is likely to be “what do I do now?” or “Am I getting it right?”  I will tell you, stick to your roots as an alumni of the Harpursville schools and you’re going to be ok.  You are well-prepared to do whatever you put your mind and your heart to doing.  It will take hard work, persistence and perseverance; remember, the top of one mountain is the bottom of the next, so keep climbing.  Life, at times, will require some risk-taking, sometimes calculated, sometimes following your heart, and it will take sound decision making (all of the time).  Be patient.  Upon receiving a Tony award after a lifetime of work, Andre De Shields said, “Slowly is the fastest way to get where you want to be in your life.”
It is also equally important that you treat people well and make good decisions – never lose sight of your moral compass.  If you treat people well and make good decisions, it will come back to you in rewarding ways.  Make sure you always surround yourself with good people who genuinely care about you.  I recently heard someone say, “Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you coming.”  They will help you get where you want to be and they will also help take care of you.  We all need a little bit of that.
In closing, and on behalf of myself and the board of education, we wish you all the best in the future and we are so genuinely proud that you will always be a Harpursville Hornet.  We will always be here for you, no matter where life takes you.  This will always be home.  Congratulations! 
Yours in education,

Michael J. Rullo
Go Hornets!
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