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The Harpursville Central School Board of Education has begun using a paperless meeting solution called BoardDocs® LT beginning with the April 7, 2014 Board meeting.  By making meeting minutes, agendas and supporting documents available on the Internet, the District will be able to distribute documents associated with board meetings more quickly and efficiently.  This process will allow interested parties to review information prior to board meetings. All documents associated with the meeting are automatically archived and can be accessed by meeting date or by using the system’s comprehensive search feature.  A link to the BoardDocs® LT agendas is provided above.


Name:  Michael Rhodes, Board of Education President
Address:  65 Hurlburt Road Harpursville, NY  13787
Phone:  607-693-1486
Term:  2020-2025

Name:  Melissa Anderson, Board of Education Vice-President
Address:  990 NYS Hwy 235 Harpursville, NY  13787
Phone:  607-693-3742
Term:  2018-2023

Name:  Kacie Huston
Address:   PO Box 100 Harpursville, NY  13787
Phone:  607-427-2145
Term:  2022-2027

Name:  Michelle Noyes
Address:  2980 NYS Rt 79 Harpursville, NY  13787
Phone:  607-206-1820
Term:  2021-2026

Name:  Nicole Robertson
Address:  434 Beechridge Road Harpursville, NY  13787
Phone:  607-765-3431
Term:  2022-2024

Name:  Russell Weist
Address:  165 Moot Town Rd Port Crane, NY  13833
Phone:  607-205-7982
Term:  2019-2024

Name:  Jessica Hartman
Address: 313 Welton St Harpursville, NY  13787
Phone:  607-624-3940
Term:  2021-2026


Policy Committee:  Michael Rhodes, Michelle Noyes   
Audit Committee:  Melissa Anderson, Michael Rhodes, Jessica Hartman
Health Insurance Consortium Representative: Michelle Noyes
Legislative Representative: Michelle Noyes  
NYSSBA Voting Delegate: Michelle Noyes

Agendas & Minutes

Beginning August 1, 2019 all meeting minutes will be kept in Board Docs.  Click on the Board Docs icon below to continue.  
Board Docs
In 2022, Governor Hochul asked that districts post board meeting minutes within 24 hours when possible- following the board  meetings.  Please note HCSD board meeting minutes are considered in 'draft' form until they are approved at each next meeting.  Thank you!