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Adolf RN-Jr. Sr. High School Nurse, Rebecca
Jr. Sr. High School Nurse
Office: 607-693-8118
Allen, Melanie
Admin Assistant to Pamela Horton, the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Andrews, Jill
Office: 607-693-8108
Bakley, Cassandra
Guidance Office
Office: 607-693-5734
Berkeley RN, Laura
WAO Elementary School Nurse
Office: 607-693-8119
Buyck, Allen
Interim Superintendent 2/1-6/30/2023
Conrow, Kristine
Jr. Sr. High School Principal
Office: 607-693-8105
Cox, Julianna
Jr. Sr. High School Social Worker
DeCamp, Jennifer
CSE/CSPE Secretary
Office: 607-693-8104
Demer, April
School Resource Officer
Office: 607-693-8114
Doolittle, Amanda
WAO Elementary Guidance Counselor
Office: 607-693-8116
Gates, Christine
Office: 607-693-8105 x 2155
Giannetta, Amanda
PT/OT (Contractor)
Harrington, Megan
Guidance Counselor, grades 7-9
Office: 607-693-5734
Horton, Pamela
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Office: 607-693-5713
Lescouflair, Fabienne
Family & Children's Clinician
Office: 607-693-8123
Liciandrello, Stacy
Social Worker
Office: 607-693-8115
Livermore, Ed
Office: 607-765-4145
Loihle, Amanda
Personnel Clerk/Payroll
Office: 607-693-8124
McCumiskey, Jennifer
Speech Therapist
McLaughlin, Joseph
Business Official
Office: 607-693-8120
Monico, Ed
IT Coordinator
Moore-Hovancik, Jessica
WAO Elementary Secretary
Office: 607-693-8115
Quick, Joshua
CSE/CPSE Chairperson & Director of Athletics
Office: 607-693-8104
Rhodes, Tabby
Secretary to Superintendent Michael Rullo, District Clerk, Homeschool, District Records
Office: 607-693-8112
Silvestri, Stacey
WAO Elementary Principal
Office: 607-693-8115
Slesinsky, Karen
Guidance Counselor, grades 10-12
Office: 607-693-5734
Srnka, Christine
Accounts Payable
Office: 607-786-8554 x 2064
Harpursville Central School District ACCOUNTS PAYABLE is located at the Broome-Tioga BOCES Central Business Office - off campus.  Christine Srnka can be reached by phone at 607-786-8554 extension 2064, by fax at 607-786-8552 or by email at [email protected]
Symons, Dennis
Head Bus Driver
Office: 607-693-8100
Tasber, Norene
Director of Food Services
Office: 607-693-8127
Walker, Amy
Jr. Sr. High School Administrative Assistant
Office: 607-693-8105