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Guidance Department

Guidance Department Staff

Karen Slesinsky, NCC                Guidance Counselor 
Grades 10-12
[email protected]                     Phone: 607-693-5734

Megan Harrington                      Guidance Counselor 
Grades 7-9
[email protected]                  Phone: 607-693-5734

Cassandra Bakley                     Guidance Secretary 
[email protected]                         Phone: 607-693-5734

Guidance News and Information

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Homework Requests

Homework for grades 7-12 can be requested by e-mailing Ms. Bakley in the Guidance Office or by calling 693-5734. Homework will be provided for absences of 2 or more consecutive days due to illness. Homework may also be obtained by visiting the teacher's page. The student is responsible to obtain homework for any absences not due to illness.

Trancript Requests

High school transcripts can be obtained by sending a request to Cassandra Bakley at [email protected], or by calling 693-5734 You will need to provide the following information:
  • The year you graduated/left school, and whether or not you graduated;
  • Your maiden name, if applicable;
  • The address of the college where you would like transcripts sent, if applicable. In order for transcripts to be considered official, they must be mailed directly from the guidance office to the college or university.*

*Requests of transcripts for employment purposes can be mailed directly to you. Please include your address in your request. Requests made directly from an employer must include a signed release from the student and can be faxed to (607) 693-1480, attn: HS guidance office. Please allow two to three days for processing.

Guidance Events

SchoolTool Parent Access

Parents, be sure to obtain a SchoolTool parent account in order to to have online access to your son/daughter's assignments, attendance, grades and other important information. 
To set up your account, contact Jill Andrews at 693-8108.