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COVID-19 Screener Instructions

Self-Registration for Parents and Guardians

* update:  as of May 3, 2022 we are no longer requiring school app daily covid symptom screener use

Harpursville's mobile app now contains a COVID-19 screener.  For the 2020-2021 school year, Harpursville CSD is asking all families to perform daily health screenings of their students before coming to school each day through the Harpursville mobile app.  If your student will be absent for the day or is enrolled in distance learning, you do not have to submit a health screening. The COVID Check-in needs to be completed by a parent for each individual child no later than 8:00 AM each morning.

You will need to fill this form out every morning for each child that physically reports to a school building. 

In order to use the screener, first you must self-register.  Once a parent or guardian is registered and logged in,  you can add your children to the screener.  

**IMPORTANT:  Apple iPhone users.  When you open the app on your phone, you should now be prompted to update.  Go ahead and choose to update the app.  If you aren't, close out of the app and open it again.  Once you update, you will be asked to either login (if you already have a username and password) OR if you haven't  yet created an account, just choose to Register.

Follow the instructions listed out below for registration and adding students in the app or on the web 
To use the web version to register you can click here

If you have been using the HCS APP already and you do not see the COVID-19 Check-in button on your app's main page make sure you fully close your app and the re-open it. The app will refresh and the button will appear.  If you still don't see the COVID-19 screener at all on the app, try deleting the app altogether off your device and go back to the app store to add it again.

If you have any trouble please email or contact your building administrator for assistance. 


  1. Click on Register to create an account for yourself and login (You only need to register once.  The app will save your login information)
If you “skipped” the initial Registration screen on the app, you can still create an account by clicking on the “My Profile” icon

My profile icon

    2. Add your first and last name and select your role.   Click Next 
    3. Add your email  address and create and confirm a password.  Click Register


  1. To add children, click the COVID Check IN button on the app
  2. Click the button on the bottom of the screen that says “Submitting for someone else?”
Submit for someone else button

    3. Fill in name and grade fields (required) for your student and click REGISTER STUDENT
       *Note: Student ID field is there, but is not required. You can skip

Required fields
    4. Click ADD MORE to add additional children
Add more


    1. Click on the COVID Check In button on the districts mobile app.  You must press on LOCATION at the bottom right of the screen to select which building you or your student will attend from the drop down menu.  (on iphones this looks like the words are cut off)
COVID check in button
    2. Answer the Check In questions for yourself or "Someone Else" (your children) every time anyone will be physically in the building.  Choose yourself or your student to complete the questionnaire

Choose who to check in

    3. You must respond to ALL questions, then click OK
*Note: Questions may change depending on current circumstances

Screener question
    4. For additional children, click on Submitting for someone else? Follow the same procedure until you have done so for all your children.

    5. You will be presented with a green check for those  who may proceed to school OR  a red stop sign for those who should not.

Proceed or not