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Notice Regarding Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use is only permitted between classes and during lunch.  Please make all necessary after school plans with your children in advance as often as possible. Office staff cannot interrupt classes for routine phone calls for students. Emergencies are an exception. 

As per the Code of Conduct, "HCSD adopts a "no use policy" at all times when instruction is being given.  That is, these devices are to be shut off during instructional class and any other time administration deems it to be an instructional time.  For instance, an assembly may be determined to be an instructional time and the "no use policy" shall be in effect.  Students who bring cell phones and electronic devices to school must place them in the off-silence position during all instructional times during the day.  Cell phones and electronic devices should be turned off and kept inside a bookbag, purse, or similar container so as not to be visible to other students or staff.  No cell phone or electronic device should be used and may not be allowed to emit any vibraton, ring tone or other noise on school grounds or during any school sponsored program or activity, including school transportation.  In summary, students are NOT allowed to use their cell phones during any class, this includes studyhall and homeroom.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation!