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Mission and Vision
 Harpursville Central School District ~
  High achievement, high expectations.     

Mission Statement
The mission of the Harpursville Central School District is to provide a nurturing learning environment that challenges students to reach their highest potential.  Through the efforts of the entire community, we will seek to help students become self-confident, healthy, responsible and productive citizens.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Harpursville Central School District is to be a district where high achievement is expected and where the focus of all stakeholders is meeting those high expectations.

Statement of Philosophy
All staff members must feel ownership of student achievement scores.

The belief of the district is that our scores can improve and all of our students can achieve at high levels.

All staff must focus on improving achievement (measured learning) which must include more students reaching mastery.  As such, all members of the school community should see the role of their work as being directly involved in achieving this goal.

Connectivity results in higher scores, lower drop-out rates and graduates who are adequately prepared for further education and training.

Achievement should be significantly improved through a focus on standards, the embedding of test objectives in the curriculum and interdisciplinary work of teachers.

All students in a given subject area at a given grade level should receive the same basic education in terms of content and skill objectives.

Emphasis on health and wellness is a critical link to students achieving their highest potential.



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