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Good oral health is important
Tooth decay remains one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood – and it can be prevented!  

Important notice about Enterovirus D68

As reported in the media, Enterovirus D68 (EV D68) has been identified  in school-age children in Central New York. Most of those infected have no symptoms or exhibit only mild flu-like symptoms.
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Fighting germs with soap and water
Avoid the germs that cause colds
What is the No. 1 way to reduce the number of colds kids catch? 

Every day kids come in contact with hidden germs pretty much everywhere they go. Germs hangout in bathrooms, kitchens, the cafeteria, the gym, and the locker room. And those are just the obvious places. They also hide on pencils, remote controls or game controllers, phones, pet cages, computer keyboards, stair railings, and doorknobs.

With all of these germs everywhere, how do we help kids fight colds and other illnesses? Believe it or not, washing hands is the single most important thing we can encourage kids to do to keep from getting sick or spreading germs to others.

Health Office News
Beware of bogus dental visit letters

It has come to our attention that a “Dental Visit” letter has been sent to some members of our school district. The letter implies that it is a state law for children to have a dental exam every six months. While that is the recommendation of The American Academy of Pediatrics, it is not a state law and it is not a requirement for school attendance. Please disregard the letter if you have received it. If your child is in need of dental care and you do not have insurance coverage, UHS (762-2005), Lourdes (584-4545), and Broome Community College (778-5015) all have dental services provided at very low cost or on a sliding scale fee basis.

Mothers & Babies Network
Does your child need health insurance?  Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network can help!

At Mothers & Babies, we have helped over 10,000 families get health insurance for their kids through the NYS Child Health Plus or Medicaid programs -- we can help you!  Our job is to help you through the application process, determine which program is right for you and to help you in selecting a plan your doctor's office will accept -- and if you don't have a doctor, we can help you find one.  Don't wait another or email us today so we can schedule an appoint to meet
with you at a convenient time and place and get you the health insurance you need.

Call 607-772-0517 or 800-231-0744.  E-mail: [email protected]

Call us today!  It's easier than ever to get health insurance for your children or yourself. 
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